Advanced Research Center
E-commerce web design

Advanced Research Center (ARC) is a clinical center that performs trials on various population groups. Its sister branch is Anti-Fragility Health (AFH), a private health clinic that specializes in combining functional & lifestyle medicine to prevent chronic illnesses. It's shop sells supplements, medicines, and other medical essentials.

3 weeks

Photoshop, Figma, WordPress

Michael Tewasart (Web & UI Designer), Jesus Delgado
low-fidelity wireframes
Quick sketch mock-ups regarding the general layout for home, shopping and product info page.
Inspired by various, different make-up companies, the shop website is designed to be simple to understand and easy to navigate. A banner on top displays any upcoming events/discounts. Below are product slides for both women and men to facilitate easy purchase. Above is the navigation bar categorizing all of sold products.

The sticky navigation on top allows users quick access to all categories. Hovering above them will bring down a drop-down menu with specific subsections. Useres can also filter out what products they're specifically looking for and customize their display style (grid of list).

Relevant information is displayed on the page. Hovering over the product will display the image in a higher resolution. Below is a slide displaying similar products, encouraging potential shoppers to browse more on the website.