RadNet is radiology firm that operates diagnostic imaging centers (MRI scans, CT scan, breast scams; etc). It also has a cloud-based management software that doctors and nurses use to manage their clients and appointments.

Patients that have registered for an appointment online can reconfirm their appointment once more via email. Upon clicking the link in their email, it will take the patient to a self check-in workflow on their mobile device.

My task was to improve the onboarding process, address any pain-points, and reduce the workload of in-house nurses and customer representatives.

Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons, I can't show the work I've done at RadNet. As the the product designer, here are some brief notes about the work I did during this time:

User Research, User Journey, Design System, Wire-framing, Prototyping, A/B Testing


Sketch, InVision, Maze

Michael Tewasart (UI Designer & UX Researcher), Randy Rogers (Product Manager), Stephen Powell (Developer)
Patients are having difficulty completing the self check-in progress, often having to ask the receptionist for assistance or bring in a tech-savvy friend.

Redesign the current existing workflow. Remove and unnecessary features and streamline the process.


  • Redesigned a patient self check-in workflow and management software used by doctors based on business parameters and user feedback. Reduced in-person appointment waiting time by 20 minutes.
  • Mentored other designers on design systems, components, documentation, and visual hierarchy.
  • Streamlined communication between different departments (in different time zones) and managed expectations while balancing their feedback and customer needs.
  • Increased inclusivity of the walkthrough process by expanding it to factor in blind and disabled patients.


Conducting user research at the beginning set myself up for success in that I was able to formulate hypotheses early on and avoid designing with tunnel vision based on my own biases. It also helped me corroborate findings through my own usability tests to ensure that I was on the right path.

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