I've been called Mike or Mikey.
YOU call me “The Situation” for
my ability to get S*** done.


Graduating from college with a BS in engineering, I thought I had it all figured out. Until one day I decided to bite the bullet and make my design hobby into a full-time career. I slowly worked my way up, learning and gaining new skills such as motion design, 3D rendering, and finally UI/UX.

I'm fascinated in emerging technological fields and how humans interact with them. My design philosophy would be one of maximizing user efficiency by marrying business goals with simple, refined designs. Entirely self-taught, my greatest strengths would be my:

- ability to learn new software at a rapid pace
- streamline workflows & reduce redundant pain-points
- reiterate new designs with the latest feedback from users & stakeholders
- lead design sprints and mentor upcoming designers

I'm willing to adapt and learn in new, unfamiliar industries. To reach out, please email me at tewasartm@gmail.com.