Maque Enterprise is a minority owned accounting firm based in LA that specializes in business entities, donations, payrolls, and taxes.

Professional project

Figma, WordPress, Trello

Michael Tewasart (Web Designer & Developer)
The  website is extremely poorly designed and implemented, lacking both consistency and hierarchy. This makes it incredibly confusing to navigate and read, discouraging users from even contacting the business in the first place. It also had to be redesigned quickly within 1 - 2 weeks.

Redesign the website into a newer, responsive one with a more cleaner and professional tone while maintaining the old color scheme. Information about the services and what the company are to be reorganized that is easy to find.


The client's website was already designed with Divi, but I had no experience using that specific page builder. As a result, I had to use build everything from scratch using Elementor. I've already had experience using Elementor for quite some time, so its interface and widgets were familiar for me to use. The best part about Elementor is that it allows users to toggle between desktop, table and mobile view instantly while designing at the same time.

In addition to my primary role as a web design, I actively contributed towards copywriting sourcing high-quality imagery to complement the visual aspects of our projects. This task involved the meticulous search for free-license stock photography, ensuring that the visual elements seamlessly aligned with our clients' branding and the overall aesthetic vision of the websites we designed.


The pages Book Appointment and Contact Us have been merged into one, as having both could potentially confuse any visitors. A Contact Form was added, but after numerous spam emails it was removed.

Redundant pages such as Services, News, Blogs have been removed.


At the request of the client, the color blue (and its numerous variations) is set as the visual color scheme for all of the pages.

Helvetica has been selected as the default font for a consistent hierarchical look.


Redesigning the website in such a short timeframe was intensive and collaborate, requiring constant communication with my client. I learned a lot of using WordPress and the Elementor page builder, including its limitations. Luckily, the website was completed with a timely manner.

In the future, I would prioritize learning the platform I'm going to be using a bit more before taking in clients. That way, I can standardize my designs into templates.